Hema Verma

I consider myself fortunate that I got the opportunity to meet Mihir Mehta, and get introduced to The IQS Ltd. The IQS.com is a provider of quality IT Training, Solutions & Services, and my association with the company goes back to November 2014. I was a newcomer to Canada and a recent MBA graduate, and was looking for right opportunities, to re-commence my professional career in Canada. As destiny would have it, I met Mihir at a coffee shop, after an interview with some tele-marketing firm which I did not join. We got talking, shared our experiences with each other, and I mentioned to him that I was looking for a job that was right for my skills and education. I did not want to just make a living, I wanted to ensure my career was on the right path and I was following the goal I had set myself, before taking the decision to do my MBA.

I continued interviewing, however, since I didn’t have Canadian experience, I could not land the job I wanted to for close to  2 months. I was losing hope, and wasn’t sure if I should continue my job search or get back to my home country. I happened to share my worry with Mihir, and he offered me a free lancing assignment with The IQS, as a sales Consultant. It was exciting prospect for me always wanted to be in Sales/Account Management. I worked with Mihir for 8 months, and handled different kinds of prospects, while learning a lot about ERP Testing, prospecting, nurturing leads and closing. Mihir was an excellent mentor and guide, and with his extensive experience in designing and developing ERP Testing programs, helped me address most complex customer questions, and was most approachable even during difficult times.

Since my aim was to get into a full time job, I started seeking opportunities in June 2015, and got an interview call in 2 days with my The IQS experience. I worked in my last company as a Sales Consultant for 2 years, and I am now employed with Ceva Logistics, handling one of their largest customers. I am really satisfied working in the Logistics Space, and handling account management responsibilities. Mihir, and The IQS, have been instrumental in me setting my career path in Canada, not only in the beginning, but even till date, with timely and valuable advices, as well as references for employers.

Thank you Mihir, and wish you all the luck in all your future endeavors!!