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In today’s fast-paced world, it is essential to keep up with development in technology, techniques and standards. The IQS team provides training in the domain of Software Development, Quality Assurance and Project management.

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Resume building is about the craftsmanship of showcasing the amalgamation of relevant work experience and the required skillset. TIQS helps in building this for you, in such a way, that, it would stand you out from the competition in the real world.

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It is important to understand that interviews are your chance to sell your skills and abilities, but also to recognize the organization’s requirements. We offer you informative and valuable advice on what to say during an interview.

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In the tech-driven world, the influence of Information Technology on business operations is increasing rapidly. The IQS provides services to develop IT strategies according to Business strategy and objective, to achieve the business goal by utilizing the available IT solutions.

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Many people leave their job selection entirely up to their luck. Well! Your luck is responsible to an extent only but your experience and skills play a vital role in getting a perfect job. TIQS believes in hiring leaders for leading organizations.

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Do you feel overloaded with information about the industry but always find yourself wondering how much of it realistically applies? Let the pros help you through our webinars where they show you and explain how they operate and strategies their work and tools.

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